Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Unveiling hidden trends that fuel important business decisions.


Forex Training and Trading

Democratizing Financial freedom through Foreign Exchange Market trading.

Software Development

Software Development

We pride ourselves in developing and deploying applications that stand the test of time through our methodologies.

Who we are

A digital based service
hub for the Future

Activecode Business Hub is a forex trading and ICT company headquartered in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. We are dully registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria under Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) with registration no. 1579815, and registrar of companies for England and Wales with company no. 12730748. We are focused on maximizing the profits of every investor in partnership with us, our range of services enables you to get return on investment for a blissful future.

  • Forex Trading.
  • Data management.
  • Business Consulting.
  • Website Design.
  • FX Signal Processing
  • FX Training
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics Solution

At Activecode Business Hub, we believe when imagination, expertise and marketing are combined through strategic planning, incredible results are achievable. With the best interest of our clients in mind, our actions are always focused on conversions and business growth.

We understand each new client is a bet and test but there is no one we would rather bet on than ourselves. Our culture matters and reflects in our working relationships. Here, jobs are careers not just a way to pay the bills. The finished product matters to us because it carries our identity. Our workforce is young, vibrant, innovative and are never afraid to take risks in any effort to help our clients. Every member of our team is passionate about what they do. For every project, no matter how large or how small, we strive to not only meet your needs, but deliver a showcase in your field.

Each of our projects starts with the simple question "How do we meet the expectations of our clients?". Success is ethical to us and we measure this by clients satisfaction, loyal site users or solid metrics. This helps us better understand the challenges of your project as we try to establish not only the goals, but what your projected revenue, challenges and opportunities for growth may be.

Our approach has yielded many successful products and happy customers over the years. You too can be next!

Activecode Business Hub hires the best talent in the ICT industry as well as experts in forex market with the aim of providing better customer service for our esteemed clients. We have the right mix of experienced traders and technologists as well as fresh minds that brings new approach that arms Activecode Business Hub with continuous improvement for a better customer service. We cater to various services in the forex and ICT industry. They include forex training, forex trading, web design, software engineering, programming, data analytics, business development and investment plans.

  1. High Reliability: We employ the most efficient techniques in software development with a well-organized logistics structure that makes it possible to effectively harness the skills of our developers.
  2. High Support and Service: Activecode Business Hub provides round the clock services and support, because we know communication matters.
  3. Moderate Prices: We keep our training, investment and development costs in- check.
  4. Speedy project implementation: Due to our substantial creative resources, this enables us customize and implement your project within the shortest possible time frame.

Meet our management

Theophilus Ogumbe
Chief Technology Officer
Eval Esege
Chief Marketing Officer
Kelvin Akparanta



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